Want to supercharge your ankles? Combine the raise element with a rotational element.

As always with the little guys like wrists and ankles, only sets of a million will really cut it. Every set doesn’t have to be the same though! Experiment with the toes, raising and grabbing and you will discover all kinds of muscles you never even knew existed! Do at least 10 rotations with each position, then go up a stair and repeat….

It may take you twenty minutes to get to bed but your feet and ankles will be amazingly strong after a few weeks!

Videos like this always make me think of Mike and his “old ankles” 😂😂

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End range training

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Tom Morrison is a British Weightlifting coach, martial artist and CrossFit trainer & competitor. He is known for his simplistic approach to teaching and has worked with all kinds of bodies including professional MMA fighters, golfers, football and rugby players, strongmen, powerlifters, experienced CrossFit athletes and weightlifters, people with no mobility, people with hypermobility, people with chronic back, knee and shoulder injuries and most commonly, people with general tightness or pain that can’t seem to figure out why. His passion is getting people to live a pain free life so they can do the things they enjoy.

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