Barefoot Bosu Ball Calf Raises – Never Skip Leg Day

Featured: Bosu Ball – Buy It Here: – Check out my muscle and endurance training plans below. Many of my Swim, Bike, Run and Triathlon plans (links below) include coaching VIDEOS before every training block. I also offer a FREE Swim and/or Run form coaching analysis video for new athletes (signup link below). Thank you for visiting and happy training! – Dave

Swim Faster in 30 Days:
101 Swim Workouts:
Half Marathon Program:
Marathon Program:
Cycling: Drills and Endurance:
Cycling: Strength and Skills:
Cycling : Threshold and Speed:
Cycling: Ultimate Mix:
Beginner Sprint:
Beginner Olympic:
Beginner Half Ironman:
Beginner Ironman:
Couch to Sprint:
Couch to Olympic :
Couch to Half Ironman:
Couch to Ironman:
Advanced/Elite Sprint:
Advanced/Elite Olympic:
Advanced/Elite Half Ironman:
Advanced/Elite Ironman:
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Equipment I Use and Recommend:

TRX Home Gym:
TRX Training X-Mount:
Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell:
Bosu Ball:
Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbells:
WODFitters Bands:
Everlast Heavy Bag Starter Kit:
Swim Parachute:
Swim Snorkel:
Swim Pull Buoy:
Jump Rope:
Wahoo KICKR Indoor Bike Trainer:
Garmin Forerunner 920XT:
All Purpose Yoga Mat:

Dave Erickson is a 5x Ironman Triathlete, Fitness Professional, Professional Youtuber and Podcaster.

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