Tibialis posterior calf raise for tendinopathy and plantar faciitis pain

This stretch targets the tibialis posterior calf muscle to help relieve pain from muscle strains, tendinopathy, and plantar fasciitis #lowerlegpain #calfraise #calfmusclepain #exceltherapy

Stand with the body weight against a wall. Transfer the weight onto the affected leg with the knee turned inwards. Press up through the ball of the foot and toes, lifting the inner arch of the foot and rotating your knee out. You’ll feel the muscle work in the calf and inside of the foot. Reverse the movement in a controlled manner to resume start position. Repeat.

-Targets the tibialis posterior muscle
-It can be used as part of an exercise/rehabilitation program for the foot, ankle, knee
-This exercise can also be used for relief from pain from tendinopathy, ankle sprain, muscle strain, plantar fasciitis

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