Calf raise (single-leg, straight-leg)

In high-impact sports, strong/mobile ankles are key. One advanced way to target your lower leg strength and mobility are single-leg calf raises (straight-leg and/or bent-knee). These movements work well for many athletes because 1) it strengthens ankle extension for improved running/jumping and 2) it develops better ankle dorsiflexion for landing and squatting.

If you aren’t ready for the single-leg calf raise, step back to regular calf raises with 2 feet at once. Or single-leg eccentrics. If balancing is a problem, use your hand more, but only as much as needed to still be a challenge. Over time, use the hand-assist less and less until you don’t really need it at all (can still be useful for balance though).

If you can already do single-leg calf raises with ease and good mechanics, add weight via kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell, weight vest, etc. You can also mess with the tempo and ROM for more individualized programming and goals (e.g. power vs. prehab, greater need for dorsiflexion vs. plantarflexion).

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