100 Calf Raises A Day For 30 Days

Having done a few challenges that targeted the upper body, I wanted to give a lower body challenge a go, and I wanted to start with an area that I think is one of my weakest, my calves. I’m going to keep this video short and sweet and straight to the point, so here we go.

Here are my calves before starting this challenge.

Both measured in 15” inches.

For this challenge, I did 100 calf raises each day. I started out doing both calves at the same time and did 4 sets of 25.

The first week they got pretty sore, and I just had to push through the pain, but after a week they were all good again.

Around the half way through the challenge I switched it up to one calf at a time, 100 reps per calf.

So here I am on day 31, my calves seemed to have gotten a little more definition, but it certainly is not a huge change. They did however grow about a quarter of an inch, so I did see some progress.

I still can’t dunk though, well guys that’s all I have for you in this one, I’ll see you in the next one!

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