How to do Standing Calf Raises With a Safety Squat Bar

Standing Calf Raises are the go-to exercise for developing calves. This unique version will help you get a LOT more out of them so you can get those killer calves you want.

Calves can be extremely tough to develop. For me, (as you can see in the video), it’s the hardest muscle group to get any growth in.

This exercise is going to change that.

It allows you to spot yourself on EVERY phase of the standing calf raise exercise and totally match the strength curve of the movement.

The standing calf raise is more complex than a simple up and down movement. It has points where the leverage changes substantially and you’re forced to use only what your calves can handle in the weakest portion of the exercise, which limits loading and overall calf growth.

For this exercise, you’ll need a few pieces of equipment… a safety squat bar, a power rack, another empty bar and a calf block.

The safety squat bar (a.k.a. yoke bar) is going to allow you to have weight on your back hands-free while you use the other bar to grip on and spot yourself in various portions of the standing calf raise exercise.

This variation, and it’s ability to adjust loading on the fly like this, will give you a massive pump in your calves, even if you’ve had a hard time achieving that before.

As I mentioned before, my calves are not great. They’ll never be huge, but I believe this exercise has the potential to improve them substantially.

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