Calf Raise Intervals for Endurance – Punish Your Calves👺

Hands down the best way to destroy your calves and ensure you can’t walk properly for a few days! But if you follow my instructions, start small and build up slowly, you’ll build epic endurance

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If you’re planning on doing a trek, going skiing, doing some hiking or mountaineering , I recommend you do some training beforehand! It’s often a lot more challenging than people expect. And after all, its a holiday! So the fitter you are the more you’ll enjoy it!


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Hi guys my name is Chase Tucker and I’m a online personal trainer, trek leader and creator of Base Camp Training and my YouTube Channel Trekking FAQs.

I created this channel to share what I’ve learnt over a short lifetime of loving the wilderness and what it has to offer. I’m passionate about preparing people, fitness wise, to have a great time in the mountains and to show them that it’s worth preserving for the future.

In this video I demonstrate my favourite exercise for building stability and balance it’s called a Hip Airplane!

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