How to Grow BIG CALVES – 2 Best Exercises & Training Methods to Build Stubborn Calves

In this video I’ll share with you the best workout tips to get your stubborn calves growing. Even though I do have superior genetics for calf training, I do believe you CAN add inches to your calves with the right exercises, techniques and tips to take into your training.

While your calves may not end up looking like mine, I do believe everyone can make their calves better by following these tips.
As an added bonus, you’ll also see better ankle stability and ankle mobility by doing these exercises.

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00:00 – You can skip ahead if you want, that’s why there’s Timestamps – But this first section is pretty damn important
00:40 – Are Calves all about Genetics?
03:07 – Social Media & Who to Listen to
06:22 – Exercise Number 1
09:55 – Exercise Number 2

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