Heavy Slow Ressistance Calf Raise

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Don’t let fear of injury keep you from exercise and training. Active Life has helped thousands of athletes get rid of pain without leaving the gym. Whether you are training for the Crossfit games or training for life, our coaches target specific areas like your shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankles. Addressing common flexibility, mobility and strength balance issues. Our programs are custom built by a doctor and will be adjusted based on your progress.

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Joint specific programs addressing common flexibility, mobility and strength balance issues in athletes. Just 15-20 minutes per day. 4-5 days per week.

| 1 On 1 Coaching |
Remote flexibility, mobility and strength balance assessment and a custom program built just for you by an active Life Coach. Direct communication with your coach through our app. Workout duration and frequency vary.

| On-Line Coach Training and Certification |
Learn to identify, modify and correct flexibility, mobility and strength balance issues in your athletes.

| Hand On Coach Certification |
2 Days of hands on assessment training and certification.

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We are performancecarerx.com.com. We’ve helped thousands of athletes eliminate pain without leaving the gym. Now you can train without fear of injury. Programs on this site are designed by Active Life Rx. They attempt to fix strength imbalances to improve athletic performance. They shall not be used to diagnose specific injuries or conditions and are not a replacement for medical advice or care.Do not attempt any of the activities on this site unless you are certain you can do so safely. Commercial use of the information on this site is prohibited without our written consent.

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