Donkey Calf Raises build calves!
3 things are needed to properly perform Donkey Calf Raises during leg training routines;
1.)A sturdy chin/dip belt + weight plates
2.)A calf block (Joe Gold, founder of both Golds & World Gym, gave me mine!)
3.)A person (or two) to sit on the hips
The gastrocnemius (the thick part of the calf) is worked to its maximum when the knees are almost totally straight and the body bent at or near a 90 degree angle. These muscles are extremely strong and can handle massive poundages.
Calves receive a lot of indirect, low intensity, and long duration work all day long. In order to stimulate growth in this muscle, the exact opposite type of training is needed…direct, high intensity, and short duration work.
1 or 2 sets of 12-20 reps performed once every 7-10 days is all it takes if proper effort is applied.

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