How to DO calf raises for stronger calf muscles

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Calf raises are an excellent way to strengthen the calf muscle complex. The calf muscle is responsible for propulsion or forward motion of the body and is the strongest muscle in the lower leg. Strengthening the muscle helps to reduce fatigue in the legs and improves performance in sports, as well as reduces the risk of Achilles tendonitis. Got questions? Post them below.

How to perform calf raises:
1. Find a stair or step with a wall or railing for balancing
2. Place the ball of the foot on the edge of the step
3. Plant the toes on the step, ensuring both the big toe and little toe are firmly planted on the surface of the step
4. Raise the heel as high as you can
5. Lower heel as far as you can without lifting toes off the step
6. Repeat

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✓ How to perform calf raises
✓ Why strengthening the calf muscles is important
✓ Did you know that you already do calf raises daily?

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