Weak Ankles? Try This Wide Stance Calf Raise

Dr. Casey Hays, chiropractor at Pro-Care Medical Center Cedar Park, demonstrates how to build stronger ankles with a wide stance calf raise.

All right. This next one is another ankle rehab exercise, and what I’m going to have Caitlyn do is stand a little bit wider than you’re used to. She’s got a nice, wide stance. She’s got her hands right up here against the wall. She’s going to do a toe raise. Go ahead and give me a toe raise. She’s coming up, and drop it right back down, but when she gets to the top, I want her to lift and roll the ankle in. When you do this, you’re going to feel that burn right here on the outside of that ankle, and you see the bottom of her shoes are tilting inside. Drop back down. She’s going to do a few of those in a row, coming up and tilting in. All; that weight should be going over that big toe right on the inside and dropping right back down with control.

Do a regular toe raise. When she does a normal one, that weight goes over the outside three toes. That’s not what we’re looking for here. This one is specifically for the outside of those ankles. When she does it right, she’s going to get tired in the calf, but she’s really going to feel that burn right there again, looking at those angles, dropping down the inside. Imagine if you go over that big toe, that last little toe, almost wants to come off the ground. This one she can do three sets of 20 couple times a day.

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