Standing Calf Raise (No Step)

Although research shows that calf strength training can form an important part of rehab for Achilles pain issues (especially the seated version to target the soleus – see other videos in this series), in cases of Achilles tendinopathy where the aggravated part of the tendon is close to the attachment point on the heel (referred to as insertional Achilles tendinopathy), allowing the heel to drop over the side of a step during calf raises may actually delay recovery.

This is because once you drop the heel over the edge (and start feeling the stretch), the heel bone compresses the Achilles tendon. This is not an issue on a healthy tendon, but on one that is already irritated the combination of tension (lengthening) and compression can irritate the tendon further. Over stretching during this type of tendinopathy can also delay recovery for the same reason.

Your health professional should be able to advise you whether your seated (or standing) calf raises are performed with or without a step.

For the step versions, see our other videos: “Standing Calf Raise for Runners – With Step” and “Seated Calf Raise for Runners – With Step”

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