Force USA Compact Standing Leg Press/Calf Raise Combination

Perform Leg Press and Calf Raise exercise variations to build rock solid Quads, Calves and Glutes. Designed for optimum angle to isolate the leg muscles.

The Compact Leg Press feels ultra-smooth in motion thanks to the Force USA Hover-Glide mechanism.

Stability has been enhanced with wide SteelForce tubing and angled support framing. Solid steel plated end caps add further stability.
Extremely long sleeves supported by SteelForce frame support allow you to add a greater number of weight plates to the Compact Leg Press.

The Force USA Compact Leg Press has sleeves for Standard weight plates and an adaptor sleeves to take Olympic sized weight plates.

The guide rails for the Hover-Glide mechanism are long to enable your full range of motion throughout the exercise movement.

Adjusting the back pad or foot plate angle and calf block height is extremely simple with the commercial gym pop-pins.

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