Angled Barbell Donkey Calf Raise

If your calves need some new growth, nothing beats the donkey calf raise. The old-school bodybuilders did them with a training partner (or two) on their backs. While that’s effective, it’s also… awkward. Try the angled barbell variation instead.

• Place a barbell on the floor – no Landmine-style device necessary.

• Place a calf block, step, or bumper plates in front of your barbell. The bar will slide to the optimal distance once you engage the weight.

• Use other benches, boxes, or other sturdy gym equipment to support your upper body.

• Load up the bar as desired. Hook the end of the bar to your dip belt.

• Place a collar on the end of the barbell so your belt chain won’t slide off and carefully get into position.

• Keep your knees extended, but not hyperextended. Come down to a full, comfortable stretch and then up into an intense, full contraction at the top.

Have fun walking funny for couple of days and enjoy bigger calves! – Andrew Heming

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