Elevated Calf Raise on DC Blocks

#12 – Elevated Calf Raise

β€’ Increase lower leg strength

Primary Muscles Worked:
β€’ Gastrocnemius (Gastrocs)
β€’ Soleus
β€’ Peroneals: longus and brevis
β€’ Tibialis Posterior

Sport Uses:
β€’ Increase balance and strength during running and jumping activities

Starting Position
β€’ Place the toes and balls of the feet on 1 to 3 DC Blocks (2” – 6” height)
β€’ Point the feet straight ahead
β€’ Straighten the knees
β€’ Extend the heels down until a comfortable stretch is felt in the gastrocs

β€’ Raise the heels as high as possible by plantarflexing the ankles
β€’ Pause briefly at the top
β€’ The weight should be felt on the balls of the feet at the base of the big and second toes
β€’ Lower the heels to the starting position
β€’ Repeat
β€’ Complete the desired number of repetitions

Sets & Repetitions:
β€’ 2 – 4 sets of 10 – 20

β€’ Use dumbbells or kettlebells in your hands
β€’ Place a barbell on your shoulders

Derrick’s Notes:
This is a popular exercise, so make sure not to hyper-extend the knees

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