30 Day Calf Raise Challenge (26764 Calf Raises In 30 Days)

I do enjoy setting myself challenges, and as you’re watching this video, I dare say you do too.

The standard 30-day calf raise challenge is a 100 calf raises a day, which can be performed by holding a pair of dumbbells for added resistance. If you’re unable to hold a pair of dumbbells, you can increase the number of calf raises per day.

I have an injury on my right foot, which now limits movement in my big toe. This makes it challenging to balance, and I have to hold on to something. I decided to increase the number of reps I performed each day. This is how I ended up doing 26764 calf raises in 30 days.

I’ve written an article to go along with this video, which includes how many calf raises I performed each day.

30-Day Calf Raise Challenge – 26764 Calf Raises In 30 Days

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