Barbell Seated Calf Raise

Muscle Targeted: Calves
Starting position:
Choose an appropriate weight matching your fitness level. Sit on the bench with your knee joints flexed to approximately 90 degrees, move the barbell and lay it down on your knees. Hold the barbell with both hands. Keep your torso upright and tight, your pelvis in a neutral position. Your feet are in a shoulder-width position, i.e. your shoulders, knees and toes are lined up.
Rise up on your toes by lifting both your heels at the same time and contracting your calf muscles. Keep your toes on the floor. Breathe out as you go up and breathe in as you go back to the starting position. Repeat as many times as required by your training type.
Make sure your starting position is correct and maintain your knees and toes in the right posture.
Avoid overarching your lower back by contracting your torso muscles and maintaining correct pelvis position.
Make sure you eliminate use of the trapezius muscles when holding the barbell.
Choose an appropriate weight matching your fitness level; i.e., start with lighter weight to master the technique well.

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