Calf Raises (Single Leg) – Strength Exercises for Runners

Calf Raises (Single Leg) (3 sets of 10 on each side, increasing to 3 sets of 15)

1. Stand on a flat surface with feet hip width apart. Shift your weight onto the left foot, bending slightly at the knee to prevent locking.

2. Draw the right knee up towards your right hip until the right foot is completely off the ground.

3. With all of your weight on your left leg, slowly lift your left heel off the ground and raise up on the ball of your foot as high as possible.

4. Slowly lower back down until the heel almost touches the ground and then raise back up on your toes again. Use a wall or railing for balance. Count to 3 as you raise and lower, emphasizing balance and control making sure movement is only in the ankles, not the knees or hips.

5. Repeat raise for 3 counts/lower for 3 counts 10 times on each side.

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