How to perform the perfect calf raise.

Keilor Road Physiotherapy are the experts in treating lower limb injuries. In this video we explain the perfect single leg calf raise. Read on below:

– To perform the perfect single leg calf raise, start by standing on one leg with your toes pointed straight ahead and placed hip-width apart.

– Slowly lift the heel up off the ground and rise onto the ball of your foot.
Aim to maintain neutral alignment of the foot and ankle by keeping the middle of the ankle in line with your 2nd toe throughout the whole movement. Drawing a line on your foot & observing in a mirror can help with this.

– Don’t forget to keep the toes flat & long on the floor throughout each calf raise.

– Once the heel is at its highest point, pause & hold for one to two seconds. Then slowly control the heel down to the starting position.

– Repeat the process as prescribed by your Keilor Road Physiotherapist.

* Elite level athletes aim for at least 30 perfect calf raises, how many can you achieve? Put your best efforts in the comments section.

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