Smith Machine Calf Raise – Best Workout for Calves

Smith Machine Calf Raise – For Bigger and Stronger Calves

Get set folks! Those of you having skinny legs should perform this exercise to strengthen your calves and add a better definition to your legs.

Training calves is quintessential to having a perfectly proportionate body.

Watch this instructional video of the exercise – Smith Machine Calf Raise and learn the correct movement, technique and positioning of the body essential for the effective execution of the exercise.

About the exercise:

Smith Machine Calf raise is an exercise performed to work out the calves. This is a very effective beginner level exercise to build up the calf muscles. This strength training exercise is done in isolation using a smith machine. The exercise involves standing at the center of a smith machine and placing the bar on the traps such that the whole weight falls on the toes. The movement in this exercise involves raising and lowering of the heels. This movement causes the calves to contract and relax.

Two BIG Reasons to give this exercise a try:
1. Performing this exercise will help you get bigger calves.
2. It increases lower body strength.

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