Half-Kneeling Dumbbell Calf Raise

1. Using a mat or rolled towel for comfort, get in a half-kneeling position on the floor with your torso straight and both knees bent 90 degrees.

2. Move your front foot backwards underneath your same-side thigh as far as you can while keeping your heal on the floor and your foot straight.

3. Place the side of a dumbbell, or the bottom of a kettlebell on top of the knee (not on top of your mid-thigh) of the same foot you just moved toward you.

4. Push your toes into the ground and lift your heel as high as you can off the floor, ending up on the ball of your foot.

5. Slowly lower your heal until it touches the floor to complete the rep. Don’t bounce; control the lowering (eccentric) portion of each rep by allowing your heel to touch the floor gently, but not to fully rest on the floor until you’ve done all the reps.

6. Do all the reps on the same side before switching sides.
– Nick Tumminello

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