Tibialis Posterior Calf Raises – Kinetic U Exercise Series

Tibialis Posterior Calf Raises- How to maintain proper form and why they’re important.

“Hey team, welcome back to Kinetic U. Now we’re gonna work on arch stability. So preserving a high arch, during functional movement like squats.

So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to move over to the wall and you’re gonna use the wall for stability. You’re gonna start with your feet right underneath the hips, pointing straight forward. From there, you’re going to go into a pretty conventional, standard calf raise, but as you’re doing that, your heels are gonna move kind of to the outside, and your arches are gonna be pulled up as high as possible. You’re gonna hold that contraction for five seconds and then slowly return back to a parallel foot, again with your feet directly underneath the hips. And you’re gonna repeat. Come up, push those heels out and pull the arches up. Hold that for five seconds and very slowly come back down. Just like that. You should feel a burn within a few reps. Really focus on isolation here. Feel that contraction in your calf, feel the arches getting pulled up toward the ceiling.

Have fun with those and be kinetic.”

Instructor: Sean Masters of Kinetic Sports Rehab


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