My ASICS Strength Exercises: Calf Raise with Toes Outward

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What are you exercising and why?
This exercise trains your calf and plantar muscles along the sole of your foot. It improves your push-off strength. Doing this exercise with your toes pointing outward helps to minimise underpronation and twisting of your midfoot (the metatarsal region).

How to do this exercise?
Standing on one leg, place both hands against a wall or chair and lean slightly forward. In this position, raise your heel to lift and lower your body, keeping your knee extended. Be sure to push up using the joint of the large toe. Repeat without resting your foot on the floor.

Aim for 15 to 50 repetitions for each leg. To increase the load, lean further forward and raise your heel further, or pause momentarily with your heel in raised position.

You can also do the Straight Calf Raise or Calf Raise with Toes Inward.

Tips for effective strength exercising:

1. Perform strength exercises two or three times a week.
2. Start with few repetitions and build up step by step.
3. Don’t hold your breath while exercising. As a rule, breathe out while using strength.
4. When performed correctly, you should feel a burning sensation in the exercised muscles.

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