Got Foot Pain With Calf Raises? Plantar Fasciitis May Be The Cause

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A subscriber of mine recently described having foot pain in the gym. This is while he was doing calf raises. When I heard this, I immediately thought of the fascia at the bottom of the foot.

This connective tissue at the bottom of the foot is known as the Plantar Fascia. It goes from your heel bone to the heads of your metatarsals. This connective tissue is important when doing activities like running and walking.

If you have things like flat feet or very tight calves, or you are standing a lot throughout the day, this connective tissue can become inflamed. This is also known as Plantar Fasciitis.

When doing calf raises, your foot is pointed up towards you. That means this connective tissue is being pulled upon. Also, tight calves can pull as well. This can lead to inflammation and pain.

Therefore, if this is going on, avoid exercises that cause pain. Icing may help, as will stretching your calves and massaging the bottom of your foot.
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