Calf Exercises | Seated Calf Raise (Without Machine) Video Tutorial

In this instructional video tutorial I will show you how to do a Seated Calf Raise exercise without a Machine using Plates or Dumbbells. This exercise is performed when training Calves as part of a Leg workout routine. It’s a top exercise to help you build big calves.

Primary Muscles: Calves (Soleus)
Secondary Muscles: Calves (Gastrocnemius)
Type: Isolation

The Seated Calf Raise is a great accompaniment to any Straight Leg Calf Raises. This exercise really hits the Soleus hard and is very effective with high reps.

Position yourself on a Bench in the seated position with your feet resting on a step or raised surface (Power Rack frame is ideal).

Load up your knees with your weight of choice using either Plates or Dumbbells.

Perform the raise, with a suitable tempo, squeezing the calves on the top part of the lift.

Return to start to complete the rep.

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