Calf Workout To Build Lean Muscle

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What’s up y’all,

It’s Jonny with Insane Home Fat Loss. Hopefully you had a chance to check my other video where I talked about building calves – BIG, SEXY CALVES. This video will be the workout portion of that, where I will break down each of your calf muscles so we can really hit them. Doing exercises just like this will get you closer to the lean, toned body you’ve always wanted.

Workout Breakdown:

This is a beginners workout because as you can see there are no weights – well there are some weights, but they will be used more as a tool. If you do not have weights, find something similar that will not flip over when you are standing on the edge.

You will also need something to lightly place your hands on for balance, I have a weight bench here, but you can use a chair or anything with similar height.
We will be doing 3 exercises – 30 reps each – 2 Rounds

How to do the exercises:

1) Standing Calf Raises:
Stand on the edge of your raised ledge (again, I’m using weight plates) and lower your heels to the floor
– Make sure you have a micro bend in your knees
*This will prevent injuries as well as fully activate your calf muscles
– Focus on achieving a full range of motion for these movements – DO NOT BOUNCE!!

2) Donkey Calf Raises:
Keep standing on your ledge, but this time push your balance support out a little further (I’m using a bench) and stick your butt out
– Focus on your form, keeping your chest up and your back flat
– Remember the micro bend in your knees
– Focus on full range of motion

3) 3-Position Calf Raises:
Step off of your ledge and stand flat on the ground – Do 10 of each position:
a) Toes pointing forward
b) Toes pointing out
c) Toes pointing in
– Again, remember your micro bend
– Do these more controlled and really squeeze at the top of each of these movements
*This will really help to pump a lot of blood and really contract these muscles

Let’s do this!

Round 1:
3:36: Standing Calf Raises – 30
5:02: Donkey Calf Raises – 30
7:09: 3-Position Calf Raises – 10, 10, 10
– Keeping your weight on the outside of your feel will help

*Footwear is important with calf exercises, you will need something that sits snug to your foot or has a flat sole.

*Really squeeze and hold at the top and keep the tension as you go all the way down.

*There is nothing wrong with a quick stretch between each set, these are tough and WILL hurt! The key to calf growth is stretching.

Round 2:
9:41: Standing Calf Raises – 30
– To make this tougher you can let go of the support, then to take it even further you can add dumbbells
11:09: Donkey Calf Raises – 30
12:34: 3-Position Calf Raises – 10, 10, 10

That’s it for the BIG , SEXY CALF workout! And remember, it not about how much weight you can do it how you’re training!

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Enjoy guys!

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