Will 1000 calf raises per day increase your vertical?

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What’s up everybody? Today’s video is from Will Duncan, his question is:

“If I do 1000 calf raises in one workout a day, 50 each leg 10 times. How much higher will my vertical get?”

Surprising answer, here it is. So he wants to do 1000 calf raises in one work, and maybe even do them every day. And if you have watched my other videos you already know that volume doesn’t necessary get you results, its quality not quantity. So doing 1000 calf raises and doing 50 each leg, you know ten times a piece is going to be at a very low intensity because if you can do 50 of them in a row you’re not putting the required resistance to get stronger, so you are probably just going to be building your endurance and/or the size of your calves without actually adding any strength.

So how much higher will you jump if you do 1000 calf raises a day? It’s likely you won’t jump any higher, it’s possible that you jump lower because you are focusing on a more endurance based workout, rather than putting your energy towards building
strength. So this can be applied to all of the training that you do its quality over quantity.

So you literally need to be doing something say a maximum of ten reps, explosively and with heavier weights. So that you can build your strength and explosive ability rather than waste your time doing high reps, feeling the burn, and getting a false sense of progress and working very hard doing it. So the key here is quality. So I hope that answers your question.

Just as an aside to that, calves are probably not THE prime mover to getting you to jump higher. So even if you were doing something great for your calves and you weren’t focusing say on your glutes, your hamstrings, your quads, and your core then you also are going to have minimum results. So a lot of people think calves are the main element in jumping higher, and while they can help they are not the main element, they are just one of a handful of important muscular groups. So I will talk to you later. Bye

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